Dr. Bruce Lewis is at Vibe!

Do you need your child assessed for ADHD?

Dr. Bruce Lewis is at Vibe!

Dr. Bruce Lewis is a Consultant Paediatrician with over 40 years of experience diagnosing, managing and providing intervention for children in and around Brisbane. After a short period of time in retirement, Dr. Lewis has decided to return to active practice, specifically in the area of ADHD as he understands the issues around access and diagnosis in the current healthcare arena.

Book in with Dr. Lewis today if: your child's school or child care is concerned about their attention span, hyperactivity or issues focusing you think that your child is not achieving their best and you are worried about their neurodevelopment you have seen Dr. Lewis before and would like to re-engage with him Book today by calling: 07 33667970 or Email us your inquiries at: info@vibenaturalhealth.com.au



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