Acupuncturists in Brisbane to boost immunity

Are you always catching every cold, flu or respiratory infection going around? Does hayfever have you sniffling for months on end?

Acupuncture might be a treatment you’d like to try.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture view the immune system a little differently to Western Medicine. In TCM, the first line of defence is Wei Qi. Qi is the vital energy that the body needs to live and thrive. Wei Qi is a protective Qi that circulates just beneath the skin’s surface, regulating your immunity.

A healthy, balanced body has a strong and effective immune system. But if you are stressed, run-down, tired or depressed, your immunity may drop. This leaves you more susceptible to bacteria, viruses and other pathogens you might come across.

On the other hand, sometimes the immune system can become confused. It reacts to substances that are not a danger, such as food or pollen. This leads to problems such as hayfever, asthma and allergies. Sometimes it can even lead to an autoimmune condition. In this case, the aim is to bring the immune response back into balance.

How can acupuncture support immunity?

According to research, acupuncture may have specific benefits for immune health, including:

If you’re not sure whether Acupuncture can help with your specific immune concerns, we’re here to help. Contact our friendly reception team on (07) 3366 7970 to arrange a chat with one of our  Acupuncturists.

Feel Better Than Ever

Feel Better Than Ever

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What to expect from your Acupuncture consultation

At the start of your consultation, your acupuncturist will take a detailed case history. This will include asking details about your current treatment schedule with your oncologist.

Once the case-taking is complete, you will receive a hands-on treatment to provide initial relief. Your treatment consists of the insertion of fine needles in acupuncture points. This aims to improve circulation and relax the nervous system. If you are experiencing pain, acupuncture may also provide an analgesic effect.

Depending on your case, your practitioner may also incorporate Tui Na massage techniques, cupping, and moxibustion.

PRICING Suzzanne Sunner:

Initial Consultation           60minutes     $130

Follow Up Consultation   45minutes     $100

PRICING Anthea Watson:

Initial Consultation           60minutes     $135

Follow Up Consultation   60minutes     $100

As with all health treatments, some people may experience adverse effects. However, acupuncture is considered a generally safe modality. Our Acupuncturists are gentle, compassionate, and experienced practitioners who will take good care of you.

Meet the Acupuncturists at Vibe Natural Health Brisbane

Emma Kopcikas Osteopath North BrisbaneSuzzanne Sunner

Suzzanne is a result focussed AHPRA registered acupuncturist who believes that the human body is always seeking balance within itself. Often, when we allow our body to become out of balance, either through lifestyle, physical trauma or psychological stresses, these imbalances manifest themselves as illness, physical complaints or dysfunction.

Emma Kopcikas Osteopath North BrisbaneAnthea Watson

Anthea has over 10 years of clinical experience as an Acupuncturist. She has a particular interest in conditions relating to stress and anxiety, fertility, IVF support and pregnancy, as well as pain management. Anthea has a holistic approach and is passionate about collaborating with other health professionals to achieve effective treatment outcomes. Anthea is fully registered with AHPRA/CMBA.



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