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Meet the Practitioners at Vibe Natural Health

Vibe Natural Health has some of the most experienced Practitioners in Brisbane, dedicated to helping you improve your health.

The practitioners at Vibe Natural Health work together as a team, combining evidence based therapies and natural medicine to improve your health.

We are passionate about giving you the education and tools you need to reduce your symptoms and participate in a healthy and active life.

Naturopaths & Nutritionists

Elysia Humphries Naturopath BrisbaneElysia Humphries

Elysia is one of the most experienced naturopaths in Brisbane and she is passionate about integrating Naturopathy into our health care system. Her treatments combine a balance of nutritional advice, pathology testing, lifestyle advice and evidence based natural medical advice.

Ananda Mahony Naturopath BrisbaneAnanda Mahony

Ananda has developed programs to assist in management of pain from autoimmune conditions, digestive complaints, hormonal conditions, functional issues, musculoskeletal problems and neuropathies. 

Georgia Limmer Naturopath BrisbaneGeorgia Limmer

Georgia is down-to-earth, committed and she works quickly to get the best results for her patients.

She sees a broad range of patients often treating several members of families at a time.


Osteopaths & Chiropractors

Emma Kopcikas Osteopath North BrisbaneEmma Kopcikas Osteopath

"As I have spent my life surrounded by fitness, I do have a special interest in sporting injuries. From rising stars to weekend warriors, the ability to recover and keep going with your sporting and fitness goals is important to me.

I definitely have an interest in treating babies and children. I never get tired of watching how quickly they respond to treatment. I want to do whatever I can to give a child the best possible start to life whether they are new born, on the move or starting big school."

Wayne Haynes Chiropractor Osteopath North BrisbaneWayne Haynes Chiropractor

As a registered Chiropractor and qualified Osteopath for more than 25 years, Wayne is able to offer a wealth of experience, practical knowledge and understanding of a broad range of conditions to his clients. The ability to draw on both Chiropractic and Osteopathic approaches and years of academic research, combined with a genuine love of helping people in clinical practice and dedication to results, gives Wayne a unique perspective and passion to assist you with your health goals.


Remedial Massage Therapists

Ian Kim Remedial Massage BrisbaneIan Kim

With a background in personal training and functional movement, Ian is passionate about helping others stay active.

An experienced remedial massage therapist, Ian will focus on relieving your painful symptoms and can offer advice on stretching and exercise if that is a helpful addition to your treatment.

Pregnancy Massages
Sports and Injury Massages
Tight or painful muscles and joints
Relief from back, neck and shoulder pain
Headaches and persistent pain


Emma Kopcikas Osteopath North BrisbaneSuzzanne Sunner

Suzzanne is a result focussed AHPRA registered acupuncturist who believes that the human body is always seeking balance within itself. Often, when we allow our body to become out of balance, either through lifestyle, physical trauma or psychological stresses, these imbalances manifest themselves as illness, physical complaints or dysfunction.

Women's Health Physiotherapists

Marnie Poiner Physiotherapist North BrisbaneMarnie Poiner

Marnie is a Physiotherapist in Grange, North Brisbane with a special interest in pelvic floor dysfunction and other women’s health specific conditions. 

Marnie is a passionate sexual health advocate with special interests in treating pelvic pain and sexual dysfunctions in adolescents and women. 

She treats a diverse range of pelvic floor related conditions including urinary and faecal incontinence, bladder and bowel management and pelvic organ prolapse conditions.


Feldenkrais Physiotherapists

Tanya Saxon Feldenkrais Physiotherapist North BrisbaneTanya Saxon

Tanya Saxon is a registered Physiotherapist and is a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®. She uses her background and skills as a physiotherapist to inform her Feldenkrais Method practice.

Tanya has been working in the field of rehabilitation and human movement for over 30 years, assisting people of all ages to improve their ability to move through life with ease, comfort and greater efficiency.

Tanya has extensive experience in Neurological and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, and in management of chronic pain. She is a member of the Australian Physi- otherapy Association, and a founding member of the Australian Feldenkrais Guild . She is a Certified Assistant Trainer

She enjoys working with people of all ages and abilities to assist them to move more easily and to maximize their potential



Dr Lauren Hamilton Psychologist BrisbaneDr Lauren Hamilton

Lauren has a warm, compassionate and friendly approach and she will help you to feel safe and supported throughout your treatment. She will work with you to decide on a plan for your sessions, ensuring you feel comfortable and empowered to achieve your counselling and coaching goals.

Lauren uses a combination of treatments and approaches depending on your own situation and goals, including positive psychology, acceptance and commitment therapy/training (ACT), and enhanced cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT-E) for the treatment of eating disorders, and mindfulness.

Feel Better Than Ever

Feel Better Than Ever



Our Team

We are passionate about giving you the education and tools you need to reduce your symptoms and participate in a healthy and active life.




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