Looking for an Experienced Massage Therapist in Brisbane?

The massage therapists at Vibe Natural Health offer some of the best massage therapy in Brisbane.

We pride ourselves on giving a great massage every time and fixing your muscle pain and tension faster and more effectively than your average therapist. The massage therapists at Vibe Natural Health in Brisbane take the time to listen to you and note your massage preferences to ensure that you are happy with your treatment.

Massage makes you feel good by relaxing muscles that have become tense due to work, bad posture or stress. Regular massages reduce recovery time after exercise and makes you more aware of when your body is out of balance, preventing chronic pain and discomfort.

Sports & Remedial Massage

Regular massage relieves muscle tension before it turns into chronic pain. Great for those who use computers, drive a lot or workout at the gym. Our regular clients report having less headaches, better quality sleep and much less pain in their bodies.

Our specialities include Remedial Massage for back and neck tension and lower back pain. Pregnancy Massage and Sports massage for sports injuries and whiplash, tennis elbow and frozen shoulder. Some of our massage therapists have worked with Brisbane Broncos and the Reds football teams and have worked at Sports Injury Clinics

Relaxation Massage

Combat stress and fatigue – relaxation massage is a gentle, restorative treatment to get the circulation flowing, clear blockages and soothe your frazzled nerves... When was the last time you took time out for yourself and had a "Me Day?"

Parents and those who are working long hours really benefit from regular massages.... break the cycle of busyness and stressing out and take some time out for you.

Pregnancy Massage

We are one of the busiest pregnancy massage clinics in Brisbane and you're in safe hands with our massage therapists. Our clinic has a strong focus on natural fertility and pregnancy support. The pelvis and spine undergoes a lot of movement and pressure during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage can help you move better, easing discomfort and allowing you to sleep more comfortably. Massage also prepare the muscles around the hips, legs and pelvis for labour. Click this link to learn more about Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage 

A deeper style of massage working on finding trigger points and knots in tight muscles. Uses very firm, deep technique to release years of built up adhesions or rope like areas in the muscles. Best results if you have a series of deep tissue massages in a row eg one every week or two for 3 sessions so that your massage therapist can get to the deep layers of muscle after your first session releases the surface tension. 


Deep tissue massage can also be liberating to release old emotional blockages that we hold in our muscles eg anger/ frustration held in tight jaw muscles.

Don't Let Pain Hold You Back

Don't Let Pain Hold You Back

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What to expect from your Remedial Massage consultation

We offer sports massage, deep tissue massage, remedial massage, relaxation massage and pregnancy massage to clients all over Brisbane. 

Health fund rebates: if you have private health extras cover you can claim a rebate for massages with most of our therapists via our HICAPS terminal and just pay the gap fee.


All Massage - 30 minutes - $60

All Massage - 45 minutes - $75

All Massage - 60 minutes - $95

All Massage - 90 minutes - $135


Pay for one full price massage and join the massage club to receive a 60 minute massage every following month for $85. Click here for details

Call us on 3366 7970 for more appointment options

Meet the Massage Therapists at Vibe Natural Health Brisbane

Ian Kim Remedial Massage BrisbaneIan Kim

With a background in personal training and functional movement, Ian is passionate about helping others stay active.

An experienced remedial massage therapist, Ian will focus on relieving your painful symptoms and can offer advice on stretching and exercise if that is a helpful addition to your treatment.

Pregnancy Massages
Sports and Injury Massages
Tight or painful muscles and joints
Relief from back, neck and shoulder pain
Headaches and persistent pain



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