Baby Colic and Reflux

Babies are an amazing gift and bring so much joy to a family. However, a baby that is unhappy, over-tired or distressed can affect the whole household.

Newborn babies are naturally prone to digestive discomfort as their body gets used to the process of "learning to digest." But some babies experience digestive problems that can result in silent reflux, trapped wind, pain, and much distress for baby and the whole family. The Osteopaths at Vibe Natural Health in Brisbane are experienced in assisting newborn babies and their families.

How can an Osteopath treat reflux in babies?

Reflux occurs in babies when the sphincter to the stomach fails to close fully, allowing milk and stomach acid to come back up the oesophagus and occasionally into the mouth where vomiting can occur. Vomiting is not always the case, which is why some reflux (silent reflux) can go undetected for an extended period of time. Reflux in babies may cause increased irritability, poor sleep, excessive crying, changes to or poor feeding habits, frequent spit-up or projectile vomiting amongst other symptoms.

It is not possible to directly treat your baby's stomach sphincter muscle with Osteopathy. So when a baby with reflux or digestive problems comes to see our Osteopaths, our treatments would aim to address any structural imbalances through the diaphragm, abdomen, thorax, neck and pelvis as tension in these areas may worsen reflux and contribute to other digestive changes. Treatment may also help in calming the nervous system, and reducing pain and discomfort.

How can an Osteopath treat colic in babies?

Colic is a vague and complex condition. It is usually described as excessive crying in an otherwise healthy and well fed baby. So without knowing all of the contributing factors it is impossible to say if Osteopathy will definitely be of assistance. It depends very much on the underlying condition or symptoms experienced by your baby.

Prolonged pain of Colic has the potential to trigger a high cortisol "fight or flight" state in the nervous system which can make it even harder for your baby to settle. While it is not correct to say that Osteopathy can directly treat Colic, your Osteopath will aim to identify and treat any musculoskeletal tension and discomfort that may be causing your baby to be unsettled, with the goal of having a positive and calming effect on your baby’s nervous system.

Osteopathic treatment of babies with colic will most likely focus on the pelvis, abdomen and head.

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What to expect during your baby's osteopathic session

Initial Osteopathic consultations for babies at Vibe Natural Health in Brisbane are for up to one hour, where we really get to know you and your child. We take a comprehensive health history before doing any hands on work to ensure that we assess your baby and his / her unique situation in a holistic manner.

Dr Emma then uses a series of very gentle techniques that address any areas of imbalance in the musculoskeletal system and may help to balance the nervous system. This may have a flow on effect to assist colic and reflux in babies.

Follow up consultations are for half an hour. Emma enjoys working as an Osteopath treating babies and children and has joined the team at Vibe Natural Health in Brisbane so she can work alongside a team of family focused team of Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and Massage therapists, dedicated to looking after the health of you and your children.

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PRICING Emma Kopcikas:

Initial Consultation (Under 10 yrs) - 30 minutes - $120

Follow Up Consultation - 30 minutes  - $115


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Emma Kopcikas Osteopath North BrisbaneEmma Kopcikas

"As I have spent my life surrounded by fitness, I do have a special interest in sporting injuries. From rising stars to weekend warriors, the ability to recover and keep going with your sporting and fitness goals is important to me.

I definitely have an interest in treating babies and children. I never get tired of watching how quickly they respond to treatment. I want to do whatever I can to give a child the best possible start to life whether they are new born, on the move or starting big school."






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