Osteopathic Treatment of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common problem for people with office jobs, parents carrying children, pregnant women and sports people.

Osteopathic medicine recognizes that the site of the pain is not always the true cause. Osteopaths therefore have the ability to look at the whole body, seeing how it moves as one unit and identifying areas that may be causing, or, contributing to the pain.

Causes of lower back pain:

  • Arthritic vertebra joints

  • Lumbar intervertebral disc damage
  • Vertebra and pelvic joint capsule irritation
  • Compression of nerves exiting the lower back vertebra
  • Lower back and pelvic muscle or ligament strain

It is not just muscles and joints that affect the lower back. Conditions such as period pain, endometriosis and irritable bowel syndrome create inflammation in the abdominal area. Due to the close proximity, pain is often felt in the lower back.

Other areas and conditions that can contribute to lower back pain are:

  • Referred pain from hip and sacroiliac joints
  • Restricted vertebrae joints in the thoracic spine
  • Arthritic changes in the hips
  • Dysfunctional knee movement
  • Decreased arch support in the feet
  • Decreased core muscle strength

How the Osteopaths at Vibe in Brisbane may help lower back pain

Firstly, examination is performed to determine the cause of the pain. This involves assessing:

  • Movement of the whole back, pelvis and hips
  • Identifying any painful positions
  • Does activating any of the muscles around the lower back cause pain?
  • Are there any weak muscles altering the function of the lower back?

From there, treatment uses a combination of hands-on techniques to improve the structure and function of the lower back, and the other areas contributing to the pain. Often postural advice, strengthening and stretching is given as homework to prevent pain from reoccurring.

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What to expect from your Osteopathic consultation

Your initial consultation with our Osteopaths will involve discussing the presenting complaint followed by a detailed medical history.  After which the practitioner will perform a thorough examination to determine a diagnosis for your condition.  Treatment will then be performed. You will receive a hands on treatment and be given proactive recommendations to take home to improve your musculoskeletal health.


PRICING Emma Kopcikas:

Initial Consultation - 60 minutes - $170

Follow Up Consultation - 30 minutes - $115


PRICING Wayne (Chiropractic):

Initial Consultation - 45 minutes - $150

Follow Up Consultation - 30 minutes - $100

Meet the Osteopaths at Vibe Natural Health Brisbane

Emma Kopcikas Osteopath North BrisbaneEmma Kopcikas

"As I have spent my life surrounded by fitness, I do have a special interest in sporting injuries. From rising stars to weekend warriors, the ability to recover and keep going with your sporting and fitness goals is important to me.

I definitely have an interest in treating babies and children. I never get tired of watching how quickly they respond to treatment. I want to do whatever I can to give a child the best possible start to life whether they are new born, on the move or starting big school."


Wayne Haynes Chiropractor Osteopath North BrisbaneWayne Haynes Chiropractor

As a registered Chiropractor and qualified Osteopath for more than 25 years, Wayne is able to offer a wealth of experience, practical knowledge and understanding of a broad range of conditions to his clients. The ability to draw on both Chiropractic and Osteopathic approaches and years of academic research, combined with a genuine love of helping people in clinical practice and dedication to results, gives Wayne a unique perspective and passion to assist you with your health goals.




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