Afterhours Doctor

IV Infusion Clinic

Vibe Natural Health has now opened an afterhours Doctor’s clinic for all your GP needs, minor injuries and concerns as well as an afterhours Iron Infusion clinic!

Have you been told to get an Iron Infusion by your GP? Are you feeling tired and low in energy all the time? Are you in your third trimester of pregnancy and needing an Iron Infusion? Come and speak to our friendly Doctors and expert clinicians at Vibe Natural Health. We have a safe and high quality environment set up to deliver your infusion needs.


All appointments are conveniently scheduled after hours, catering for your family needs. Please call today to book your consultation(0733667970).



 Iron infusion with pre-infusion Doctor check: $300

Adult AH consult:
 Upto 20min: $100
 Longer then 20min: $150

Pensioners and children:
 Upto 20 min: $50
 Longer then 20 min: $100

Additional costs may be applicable depending on your issues and presentations

We are not a bulk billing clinic and all costs are private fees with no Medicare rebates

Opening hours:

Mon/Tue/Wed 6pm - 9pm

Come Visit For:

  • General cold and flu management
  • Management of Asthma, COPD, Croup, Diabetes, Pain, and general mental health issues Preventative health checks
  • Well women’s check including breast exam/pap smear
  • Men’s health checks
  • Children’s health assessment and checks including neurodevelopmental checks and referrals to Paediatricians (we will have Paediatrician from January)
  • Minor injuries, sprains cuts, lacerations
  • Gastrointestinal issues including acute gastro attacks, needing rehydration
  • Migraine management
  • Hyperemesis/vomiting with pregnancy
  • Common infections
  • Medical clearances and travel medicine advice
  • Vaccination advice



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