Wayne Haynes

Registered Chiropractor & Trained Osteopath

Wayne Haynes Chiropractor & Trained Osteopath

PHD (Posture, Spinal Function & Cognition), Doctor of Chiropractic, Doctor of Osteopathy

After more than 25 years in practice, the opportunity to provide care and share knowledge with my patients and other clinicians still inspires me.

I find great joy in being part of the easing of suffering in all its forms.

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Wayne Haynes; PHD University of Canberra URISE; Doctor of Chiropractic; Doctor of Osteopathy

Providing care for more than 25 years to patients from all walks of life from adolescents, elderly, office workers, tradies and elite sports people, Wayne is able to offer a wealth of experience, practical knowledge and understanding of a broad range of conditions to his clients. The ability to draw on both Chiropractic and Osteopathic approaches and years of academic research, combined with a genuine love of helping people in clinical practice and dedication to results, gives Wayne a unique perspective and passion to assist you with your health goals.

Wayne is...

Focussed on your goals

Wayne considers his greatest asset in a clinical setting to be listening, understanding, and building relationships based on trust and compassion. His primary goal in practice is to utilise his unique skillset to positively influence quality of life and reduce suffering from painful symptoms.          

A provider of holistic multi-disciplinary care

Wayne offers the versatility of being trained as both a Chiropractor and Osteopath with more than 25 years clinical experience. This allows him to adapt his treatment style, to best suit the needs of his patients and achieve the best results he is can for all of his clients. He has designed many of the dynamic soft tissue interventions he uses in clinical practice, based on his own extensive research.

Passionate about community

Wayne's public health roles include a leadership position for a national children's physical activity provider (Bluearth Institute) and and as a health care provider for an indigenous health service.

Experienced in all levels of sports injury management

Wayne has been a consultant to a number of high profile sports people including as a Physical therapy and movement Consultant to Geelong football club ,  Adam Scott, Cadel Evans, Gary Ablett Jr and Ana Ivanovic.

Hes has presented at the national sports medicine convention, Australasian rehabilitation conference, Chiropractic Australia conference and the ACCP conference 2019;

An Academic, and Sharer of Knowledge

Driven to explore the exercise elements of rehabilitation and spinal function, Wayne conducted his own studies leading to the publication of a series of four papers exploring the importance of child development and movement in the origins of spine related pain. Wayne completed his PhD in 2020 contributing valuable research to the Chiropractic field into the neurophysiology of posture and spinal function, its evolutionary origins, and the process of motor coordination refinement from birth to adulthood. 


What makes Dr Wayne Haynes different to other Chiropractors?

"I see the role of a chiropractor as providing pain relief and functional restoration in order to restore quality of life and engagement in sustained physical activity. Increasing our physical activity levels is a key to many chronic illness states. 

My clinical approach focuses on integrating specialized dynamic hands on therapy, manipulative therapy, exercise advice and lifestyle changes where needed. An approach that encompasses physical activity as “medicine”. I have designed many of the dynamic soft tissue interventions I use in clinical practice, arising from explorations of research.

My clinical approach also recognizes the importance of psychological factors that are ever present in complex pain disorders; Kinesiophobia, other fear based beliefs associated with spinal stiffness presentations

As well, I have a strong knowledge of spinal posture and assessment, spinal stability, balance control and correction. I also have a doctoral level of understanding of the neurophysiology of posture and spinal function, its evolutionary origins, phylogenetic development and ontogenetic process of motor coordination refinement from birth to adulthood. 

I have previously worked in elite sports including consulting to Geelong football club, Cadel Evans, Adam Scott and others. My public health roles involved a leadership position (research and program design) for a national physical activity provider (Bluearth Institute) and as a health care provided for an indigenous health service. I have a lifelong interest in learning and research, completing my PhD in relationships between spinal function and cognition, in 2020 at University of Canberra. My greatest asset in a clinical setting is listening, understanding, relating and building interpersonal relationships based on mutual shared truth, trust and honesty."

Wayne's Services

Initial Consultation

  • 45 minutes
  • Orthopaedic & Neurological Examination
  • Postural Assessment
  • Thorough case history
  • Explanation of findings
  • Treatment

Follow Up Consultation

  • 30 minutes
  • Review of symptoms
  • Re-Assessment of condition
  • Follow Up Treatment
  • Excersice Prescription
  • Discuss ongoing plan

Short Follow Up

  • 20 minutes
  • Management of Chronic conditions
  • Long term treatment plans
  • Extended Rehab plans
  • Body maintenance plans

Vibe Natural Health offers on-the-spot private health fund claims for chiropractic care through HICAPS. Although we do not bulk bill, we can provide a Medicare rebate for chiropractic care under the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) and Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plans. To learn more about Medicare referrals for chiropractic care, please contact your GP or speak to our reception team at (07) 3366 7970.

Pain & Injury

Your body is normally capable of healing and regulating itself without surgical or pharamaceutical intervention. Sometimes though, when the body's structure is not functioning correctly, this ability to seek balance can result in pain as the body tries to compensate for dysfunction, and over-uses some muscles or joints. Chiropractic care seeks to address structural dysfunction in your body encouraging your muscles, nerves and joints to return to a state of optimal function and decrease pain.

  • Chronic or persistent pain
  • Trauma or injury related pain
  • Postural assessment and correction
  • Back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Sports injury
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Tight Muscles

Sports and Elite Athletes


Wayne has assisted athletes and enthusiasts of all levels to manage injuries, conquer pain, and perform at their best. His list of clients includes the Geelong Football club, Gary Ablett, Cadel Evans, Adam Scott, Chris Judd, Ana Ivanovic and others. Having designed many of the dynamic soft tissue interventions used in his clinical practice from years of extensive research and working in elite sports care, Wayne is able to assist and advise on a broad range of musculoskeletal complaints common to his active and sports focused clients:

  • joint pain
  • muscle strain
  • repetitive strain injuries
  • lower back pain
  • rehabilitation

Complex Conditions

Many chronic conditions, especially those that involve persisitent pain symptoms, are life changing. They are often not the result of a single injury or condition but an intertangled web of physical, neurological, and perceived dysfunctions that can be difficult to diagnose and even harder to treat.

When it comes to complex conditions, Dr Wayne has experience, research and compassion on his side and will gladly work with your current team of health professionals or help you choose the practitioners best suited to help you conquer pain and regain control of your symptoms.

His clinical approach embraces physical activity as "medicine" but also recognises psychological factors, such as kinesiophobia and other fear-based beliefs that are often present in complex pain disorders and can hinder the progress of treatment.


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