Natural sleep remedies & expert advice to help a wide range of sleeping problems

Natural sleep remedies & expert advice to help a wide range of sleeping problems

Trouble sleeping is a sign that your body's nervous system is under stress.

If left untreated, lack of sleep can lead to moodiness, low energy levels, hormone imbalance, poor digestion, poor metabolism leading to weight gain, affect concentration and lower the immune system making you sick more often.

Our Vibe Natural Health Naturopath Elysia Humphries spoke about natural sleep solutions on Channel Ten news in April. Relaxation techniques and herbs were just some of the topics discussed.

Treat your sleep problem naturally without side effects

Many people are hesitant to use prescription sleep medications due to the side effects they may cause such as drowsiness in the morning.

Calming herbs called Nervines, due to their relaxing effect on the nervous system have been used for centuries to help people relax and sleep more soundly.

There are many natural sleep remedies, but what works well for one person may not be the best choice for you.

Cut down the guesswork by seeing a trained professional to help you find the best herbs for you to have a good nights sleep. 

Receive a personalised sleep well program including:

  • advice on developing a sleep routine
  • herbs to help you sleep better
  • dietary tips to boost "sleepy" brain chemicals
  • breathing techniques to fall asleep faster
  • supplements to boost energy during the day

Do you find yourself saying,

"I just don’t feel quite right"

Do you find yourself saying,

"I just don’t feel quite right"

Book your Naturopathy Appointment

What to expect from your Naturopathy consultation

The best way to understand the cause of dysfunction in the body is to take a comprehensive health history. Your Naturopath will spend an hour with you at your first consultation asking questions about all the systems in your body – this gives us the framework to understand which areas of your body are working well and which areas need help.

Your Naturopath will give you an evaluation of your health, a plan for your treatment and then ask you in which order of priority you would like to treat your health issues. You will receive a hands on treatment and be given proactive recommendations to take home to improve your health.

PRICING Elysia Humphries:

Initial Consultation           90 minutes     $300

Follow Up Consultation   45 minutes     $150

PRICING Ananda Mahony:

Initial Consultation           60 minutes     $200

Follow Up Consultation   30 minutes     $100

PRICING Georgia Limmer:

Initial Consultation           60 minutes     $200

Follow Up Consultation   30 minutes     $100

Meet the Naturopaths at Vibe Natural Health Brisbane

Elysia Humphries Naturopath BrisbaneElysia Humphries

Elysia is one of the most experienced naturopaths in Brisbane and she is passionate about integrating Naturopathy into our health care system. Her treatments combine a balance of nutritional advice, pathology testing, lifestyle advice and evidence based natural medical advice.

Ananda Mahony Naturopath BrisbaneAnanda Mahony

Ananda has developed programs to assist in management of pain from autoimmune conditions, digestive complaints, hormonal conditions, functional issues, musculoskeletal problems and neuropathies. 

Georgia Limmer Naturopath BrisbaneGeorgia Limmer

Georgia is down-to-earth, committed and she works quickly to get the best results for her patients.

She sees a broad range of patients often treating several members of families at a time.


What our clients say about our Naturopathic approach to Sleep Remedies

In early 2009 I went to see Elysia Humphries after being recommended to her through a friend. Being a student and juggling two jobs I was dealing with my fair share of stress and this had been affecting my sleep for the past 2 years. As many as three to four nights a week I would lay awake for up to 5 hours after going to bed. This problem was not only very frustrating for me but caused me more stress as it started to affect my work and my studies. I didn’t have any clue as to what was causing my sleepless nights and just passed it off as something I would have to deal with up until I was encouraged to see a Naturopath. 

Elysia went through my entire lifestyle and worked with me to identify possible causes of my insomnia suggesting simple routine changes, breathing techniques and stress coping strategies that really helped me calm my mind down and prepare for sleep. She also directed me through a trial of different herbs and supplements to see which ones were best suited to me. I saw results incredibly fast having my first insomnia free week just one week after our first consultation. 

I am now sleeping considerably better than I have in the past two years and have been really impressed by how much more energy I have every day. I was really impressed by Elysia’s friendly yet professional approach to my problem making me feel like an individual with unique needs and putting me back in control of my life.



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