Natural Thyroid Treatment

Underactive thyroid can be missed during standard thyroid function tests. Is your tiredness & weight gain due to a thyroid problem? Treat it naturally.

The thyroid is a gland in the neck near the adams apple, which regulates our energy levels and metabolism. Underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism is becoming more common in our society and the Naturopaths at Vibe Natural health Brisbane are experienced in treating its various forms.

Most people with underactive thyroid feel tired, sluggish, fuzzy headed and have trouble losing weight. Thyroid problems may occur after a long period of stress, frequent illness, after pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause and are common if thyroid problems run in your family

Other Symptoms can include:

  • Fatigue and low energy levels,
  • Depression,
  • Slow Heart rate,
  • Unexplained weight gain,
  • intolerance to cold temperatures,
  • aching muscles,
  • dry coarse skin,
  • puffy face,
  • hair loss,
  • constipation,
  • poor concentration,
  • goitre (enlarged neck). 
Natural Thyroid Treatment Brisbane

Thyroid Testing - Has yours been tested properly?

If you have been feeling this way, have you had thyroid testing? Many GPs, due to medicare regulations, tend to only test one hormone, TSH when they are testing for thyroid problems. If your TSH is normal, your doctors might assume you do not have a thyroid problem. Recently there has been a lot of controversy amongst the medical profession, as many of us now believe that testing TSH on its own does not give us enough information to know if a patient has a thyroid problem. Other hormones such as T4, T3 and Thyroid antibodies may also need to be tested to really know if a thyroid problem exists.

Recent research in the USA redefines thyroid test ranges which previously left many people undiagnosed.

Underactive thyroid treatment with herbs and nutrients

Herbs such as Coleus Forskolli have been proven to increase weight loss rates in people with low thyroid function. Herbs such as echinacea and hemidesmus are used to regulate the immune antibodies which are involved in destroying the thyroid if Hashimotos Thyroiditis is present. Many foods help increase thyroid funtion, such as foods high in Iodine and Tyrosine, which are the nutrients which thyroid hormones are synthesised from. There is recent research that some autoimmune thyroid conditions can be linked to food allergies, so it is very important for your naturopath to check for any possible allergies which can overload your immune system, making it harder for your thyroid to function well.

Our Naturopaths can help you with natural treatments for hypothyroidism and provide you with thorough thyroid testing.

Thyroid testing, diet and herbal recommendations from the university of maryland.

Do you find yourself saying,

"I just don’t feel quite right"

Do you find yourself saying,

"I just don’t feel quite right"

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What to expect from your Naturopathy consultation

The best way to understand the cause of dysfunction in the body is to take a comprehensive health history. Your Naturopath will spend an hour with you at your first consultation asking questions about all the systems in your body – this gives us the framework to understand which areas of your body are working well and which areas need help.

Your Naturopath will give you an evaluation of your health, a plan for your treatment and then ask you in which order of priority you would like to treat your health issues. You will receive a hands on treatment and be given proactive recommendations to take home to improve your health.

PRICING Elysia Humphries:

Initial Consultation           90 minutes     $300

Follow Up Consultation   45 minutes     $150

PRICING Ananda Mahony:

Initial Consultation           60 minutes     $200

Follow Up Consultation   30 minutes     $100

PRICING Georgia Limmer:

Initial Consultation           60 minutes     $200

Follow Up Consultation   30 minutes     $100

Meet the Naturopaths at Vibe Natural Health Brisbane

Elysia Humphries Naturopath BrisbaneElysia Humphries

Elysia is one of the most experienced naturopaths in Brisbane and she is passionate about integrating Naturopathy into our health care system. Her treatments combine a balance of nutritional advice, pathology testing, lifestyle advice and evidence based natural medical advice.

Ananda Mahony Naturopath BrisbaneAnanda Mahony

Ananda has developed programs to assist in management of pain from autoimmune conditions, digestive complaints, hormonal conditions, functional issues, musculoskeletal problems and neuropathies. 

Georgia Limmer Naturopath BrisbaneGeorgia Limmer

Georgia is down-to-earth, committed and she works quickly to get the best results for her patients.

She sees a broad range of patients often treating several members of families at a time.


What if I’m already seeing a Doctor, Specialist or on medication?

Our Naturopaths are experienced in working with GP’s and Specialists. Regular health checkups and blood tests from your GP will assist our Naturopaths to understand more about your health. Please bring copies of recent blood tests to your consultation. If you are on prescription medication, there are many dietary and herbal options for you that won’t interfere with these medications. We are experienced with drug/ herb interactions and take care to ensure your herbal medicine is safe and effective and won’t interfere with your prescription medications.

Our practice consists of GPs, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Osteopaths, Psychologists, Nutritionists and Massage Therapists. We have patient meetings and meet weekly to educate each other about the latest research and treatment methods in our field, to give you the highest standard of care.



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