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Are you wondering if a naturopath can help with Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS). PMS can affect our lives both physically and mentally before our periods and is usually relieved once we get our period and can vary from cycle-to-cycle.

PMS has many symptoms. You may get one symptom or a few symptoms. They generally happen a few days before your bleed but can happen up to 14 days before you have a period, ranging from mild to severe.

PMS symptoms can include

  • Changes in Mood – Crying, Anger, Anxiety, Depression

  • Tender or enlarged breasts
  • Food cravings, usually for sugar
  • Headache or Migraine
  • Fluid retention ie. Your rings don’t fit on your fingers as well
  • Bloating around the abdomen


  • “Period pains” – pains in the uterus

  • Back ache
  • Low Energy
  • Changes in bowel habits
  • Poor memory
PMS Pre-Menstrual Syndrome Naturopath Brisbane

What Causes PMS?

PMS is often caused by an imbalance between the hormones estrogen and progesterone. When they become unbalanced, it causes the symptoms that let you know your period is coming! Unfortunately, they not only let you know that your period is coming, but the people around you too...and that can become even more of an issue!

Do you find yourself saying,

"I just don’t feel quite right"

Do you find yourself saying,

"I just don’t feel quite right"

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What to expect from your Naturopathy consultation

The best way to understand the cause of dysfunction in the body is to take a comprehensive health history. Your Naturopath will spend an hour with you at your first consultation asking questions about all the systems in your body – this gives us the framework to understand which areas of your body are working well and which areas need help.

Your Naturopath will give you an evaluation of your health, a plan for your treatment and then ask you in which order of priority you would like to treat your health issues. You will receive a hands on treatment and be given proactive recommendations to take home to improve your health.

PRICING Elysia Humphries:

Initial Consultation           90 minutes     $300

Follow Up Consultation   45 minutes     $150

PRICING Ananda Mahony:

Initial Consultation           60 minutes     $200

Follow Up Consultation   30 minutes     $100

PRICING Georgia Limmer:

Initial Consultation           60 minutes     $200

Follow Up Consultation   30 minutes     $100

Meet the Naturopaths at Vibe Natural Health Brisbane

Elysia Humphries Naturopath BrisbaneElysia Humphries

Elysia is one of the most experienced naturopaths in Brisbane and she is passionate about integrating Naturopathy into our health care system. Her treatments combine a balance of nutritional advice, pathology testing, lifestyle advice and evidence based natural medical advice.

Ananda Mahony Naturopath BrisbaneAnanda Mahony

Ananda has developed programs to assist in management of pain from autoimmune conditions, digestive complaints, hormonal conditions, functional issues, musculoskeletal problems and neuropathies. 

Georgia Limmer Naturopath BrisbaneGeorgia Limmer

Georgia is down-to-earth, committed and she works quickly to get the best results for her patients.

She sees a broad range of patients often treating several members of families at a time.


Some things that can unbalance your hormones are:

  • Stress
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Poor liver function
  • Lowered nutrient status

I’ve had a blood test and my hormones came back normal, but I still feel like I may have PMS

A blood test will show up when there is a major imbalance in your hormones and helps to diagnose major pathologies. A Saliva Hormone Test or the DUTCH test (a urine test) will show mild and moderate symptoms, as well as severe ones. We use both of these tests at Vibe Natural Health.

My Moods are off the Richter scale. Why is that?

Estrogen and serotonin (a brain chemical), can work hand-in-hand together. If estrogen is out of balance you may experience teariness and anger.

Progesterone and GABA (another brain chemical), work hand in hand. If progesterone is out of balance you may experience anxiety in the second half of your cycle.

What Naturopathy can do for your PMS, Moods and Hormones

By using herbal and nutritional medicine we can help your hormones to rebalance again. If you are experiencing mood changes before your period, we also support your brain chemicals nutritionally.

How long will it take to rebalance my hormones?

You will often start to see an improvement in two months and hormone balancing usually takes three to four months.



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