Harrison Francis Minehan

- Diploma of remedial massage - Certificate in dry needling 3 years in practice

Harrison Francis Minehan

- Diploma of remedial massage

- Certificate in dry needling


3 years in practice

Ananda Mahony Naturopath Brisbane

Harrison Francis Minehan

Diploma of remedial massage Certificate in dry needling.

I am a remedial massage therapist and am passionate about working with people to feel their best and diminish stress and pain. My approach to alleviating tension through trigger point, stretching and deep tissue massage is gentle and wholistic for a relaxing but highly effective treatment, while also being firm and specific enough to cover acute trigger points and injuries for a conclusive treatment.

Harrison says...

I became a massage therapist because I have always been in touch with peoples stress and pain and am passionate about working to improve well being and diminish these negative factors. In a fast paced world I believe we overlook a lot of the signals that we need recovery and repair, both physical and emotional, my aim is to work with the body and mind through trigger point, deep tissue and a variety of stretching techniques to release tension that causes discomfort and stress, improving body function, health and well being.

In my 28 years I have been a national level athlete, a concert pianist and have dealt with trauma physical and mental so I’m quite familiar with the pressure and other stressors life can throw our way. It’s important to alleviate those stresses and come back into peak health, inspiring energy, creativity, inner peace and be in good health or like everything these stresses compound and create more disfunction than anyone would like to live with.

I aim to assist and advise people in their lives outside of the treatment by providing corrective feedback on what I think could be done to improve and maintain their bodies through strengthening and stretching.

Harrison's Services

  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Post Natal Massage
  • Pregnancy Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Remedial Massage
  • Sports Massage

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