Ian Kim

Remedial Massage Practitioner

Ian Kim

Dip. Remedial Massage, Bachelor of Physical Education

Ananda Mahony Naturopath Brisbane

Ian Kim

Dip Remedial Massage, Bachelor Physical Science (Korea)

With a background in personal training and functional movement, Ian is passionate about helping others stay active. Having worked for 5 years as a personal trainer in Korea, with a focus on functional movement and injury rehabilitation, Ian is able to offer his clients a weatlh of experience and knowledge of the human body and how our movement can contribute to pain or help us feel better faster. An experienced remedial massage therapist, Ian will focus on relieving your painful symptoms and can offer advice on stretching and exercise if that is a helpful addition to your treatment.

Ian is...


Focussed on your goals

The best way for us to help you is to listen and understand you symptoms and goals. Ian's experience in massage techniques and styles, teamed with extensive anatomical knowledge and functional movement work means that he can offer you a unique and comprehensive approach to helping you overcome painful conditions.         

Friendly and Respectful

Ian is caring, respectful, and easy to talk to. His studies and professional career have been focussed on helping others overcome pain and dysfunction in their body. He has been trained in pregnancy massage, and received additional guidance from our practice principal Elysia, who is a qualified remedial massage therapist herself, as well as being a Fertility Naturopath and Mother!

Provider of Holistic care

Ian is here to listen to your needs and help you as best he can with remedial massage, stretching and functional exercise advice. If he feels you would benefit from seeing one of our team of Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists or Naturopaths he can give you a recommendation and communicate with our team to ensure you get the best care possible. We want you to leave our clinic feeling better than ever!

Experienced in sports injury management

 With a Bachelor of Physical Sciences, further study in functional movement and more than 5 years experience as a personal trainer, Ian can offer comprehensive treatment and advice to help you stay active and recover from injury quickly.


Ian's Services

Remedial Massage

  • 60 minutes
  • Deep Tissue
  • Sports Massage
  • Trigger Point
  • Postural Assessment
  • Stretching & exercise advice
  • 30min - 90min available

Pregnancy Massage

from $75
  • 45 mins - 90 mins
  • Experienced & respectful
  • Gentle & Relaxing
  • Pregnancy Pillow
  • Lie face down until late term
  • Relief from common painful symptoms
  • Gift Vouchers Available

Massage Club

  • 60 minutes
  • take at least 1 massage
  • each calendar month
  • receive $10 off each massage
  • 60min appointments only
  • Private Health Rebates available
  • some conditions apply

Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage


Pregnancy care has been at the heart of our practice since Vibe Natural Health began more than 10 years ago.

  • Memory foam pillow so you can lie face down right up to the last few weeks of pregnacy. (many women can still do this at full term)
  • Respectful and friendly practitioners
  • Treatment guided by your needs - relaxation, remedial or deep tissue.
  • Fully trained and experienced remedial therapists with additional guidance from our Women's Health Naturopath, Elysia Humphries, who worked as massage a therapist specialising in pregnancy for more than 10 years.

With Ian's Bachelor degree in physical sciences,  experience with a range of massage techniques, and as a personal trainer specialising in functional movement he is an excellent choice for all of your pregnancy and post natal massage needs.

Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

Staying active is a vital part of our wellbeing. When acute injury, chronic pain, or even just tight muscles restrict your ability to enjoy exercise or sports activities, Ian can help with focused massage, stretching and advice to help keep your body in good condition and moving well.

Some of the most common complaints are lower back pain and shoulder / neck tension. These can often be caused by lack of flexibility in the pelvic joint  causing muscles in the upper body to overcompensate and become tight or painful. This can also be responsiblie for lower back pain, sciatica pain or referred nerve pain down the legs.

Ian can draw on his extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and experience in functional movement and rehabilitation to give you personalised treatment and advice on stretching and exercises to help flexibility and reduce pain long term


Headaches & Migraine

As many as 80% of our clients mention they get headaches or neck and shoulder pain. Often these conditions can be closely related.

One of the most common causes of headaches is tight shoulders and neck muscles radiating tension up to the base of the skull which can cause tension headaches and migraines or muscles spasms that refer pain around the head.

If you are an office worker or spend most of your day looking at a screen, you probably know exactly how debilitating and distracting this can be!

Painful symptoms like this can be caused by not moving muscles enough, or over-using the same muscles with repetitive movements. Some muscles evolved to be used all the time and if they remain sedentary, or we are not activating them in the right way, they can get tight. This tighness can worsen bad posture which in turn contributes to muscle tension, and can eventually cause acute pain.

Ian can help with:

  • Trigger point massage focussed on your relieving painful symptoms
  • Remedial techniques to correct dysfunction in muscles contributing to your condition
  • Stretching and exercise advice to help keep you feeling better, manage symptoms long term and avoid acute pain
  • A maintenance schedule with discounts for regular appointments to ensure you stay on top of your symptoms and avoid muscle tensions developing into headaches and migraines


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